We at Underdogs strive to make each tattoo and piercing a unique experience. All of our custom artists have the versatility and knowledge to recognize what makes each work of art special and unique to our clients. It is important to us to grow and change as our clients’ desires change. Because of this, we are continuously growing as artists and as individuals , and make active efforts to adapt to expand our knowledge. Providing the best quality tattoos , piercings, jewelry, and business ethics that our experience will give.

At the end of the closing night, we all simply want to make sure we are giving back what our clients have given us; an amazing opportunity. We are so blessed to be able to make art and happy faces. We, at Underdogs, want to great an honest, clean, and overall supreme experience to those who trust us with such an intimate experience. Thank you all for allowing us to do what we love.


The Underdogs


Tattoo Artists

Chad Rowe
Mitch Preston
Zach Lowhorn
Dakota Hart
Combined, we cover a wide variety of styles, and give 100% effort on all tattoos we create, while prioritizing, safety, and responsibility.



Dakota Shepherd
Dakota has experience with all types of piercings, and can surely do what you need done.


Quality Grade Jewelry

We only sell grade jewelry in our shop. If you purchase a piece from us, you can rest assured, it's great quality, and made from solid materials.