Chad Rowe

Chad is a Co-Owner and Tattoo Artist of Underdogs. He’s a New Castle native who started tattooing in 2014. Chad specializes in black and grey realism, focusing mostly on portraits and other similar styles . Though, he does like to expand his realm and boundaries by staying well-versed in other styles as well. A family man, when he’s not tattooing or propitiating business, he’s normally with his daughter or throwing dice with his friends playing DND.

You can find his portfolio below, or at Chadrowetattoos.com

Aries and Pegasus for Kyle’s sleeve! What’s your favorite mythos ? I would say I am partial to some stories from the fey myself👀.
Super happy with how these guys turned out today!
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Lately I’ve been really pushing myself to make more art and not just tattoos. Especially as a realism artist ; it can be very easy to grab and drop images. So I have went back to the basics of drawing anatomy in different expressions . And I feel it really paid of in this piece.

Christ wanted a story of internal struggles , so this is what I came up with.

Thanks for peeping everyone , what do you think?
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I would love to do some more large scale animal pieces ! Thanks to Darren for being a client since the very beginning of my tattooing career and always getting dope work!
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“I am a Goddess of Life,” Persephone said. “A Queen of Death.”

Sara drove two days for this and I’m blown away. Thanks for coming so far dude, And for sitting like a rock.

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5 years ago today, Mitch Preston , Dakota Shepherd and I got to breath life into a dream child we had . We signed the papers for our first day at Underdogs Tattoo Gallery.
Never could I have imagined what this would grow to be. The family we would grow into, and the amount of love and support we would have flow in and out of the shop(s).
We started with the three of us ; in a meeting talking of how it wasn’t going to be easy or busy. But it would be ours . Because of you, all the amazing people who welcomed us with open arms, we were insanely wrong .

In 5 years we have grew from three dudes who had no idea what we were doing; into 2 shops 11 full time artists , piercers , and managers who still have little idea of what we’re doing haha. But we are happy , we are fruitful and we make it work.
Now at 5 years we still maintain a 0% turnover rate , with never losing an artist. Even with Zach Lowhorn now moving on to open his own shop , I don’t consider us losing him. Because he is doing what I want anyone to move on to, better opportunities .

I get to live my dream , I play dnd and make tattoos. And that’s because of the people in this photo and those who weren’t able to be in them. The people who make the gears inside this clock tower work, the friends who console and grow together , and to the clients. The clients who wait months to a year to get work from each of us. Who go out and tell their friends about their experiences . The loved ones who just come in to say hi because they drove by.
It’s all because of this weird chain of events that i truly feel like I live in a simulation , in the best way.

Happy 4/20 everyone , I love you all.

Thanks for coming so far for this piece man. I truly am blown away by my clients . Y’all are being amazing , truly ...

This murder bird is so gnarly that they sound like a machine gun when they clamp their beak. Had fun making this shoe billed stork today! ...

“I'm not going to limit myself just because people won't accept the fact that I can do something else.” -Dolly Parton
I was visibly sweating tattooing these tiny eyes and lips . I love doing sleeves and micros 🙏🏻 I learned so much about doing these little guys when I went and got tattooed by the incredible artist and person , @ponylawson last year. Check his insane work out 💪🏼

As we are seeing the beginning of tax season flood in, I’d like to let everyone know a little of my booking process and updates!
-I currently have a few days left in October then I’m fully into November
-I work primarily at the sister shop @gardenofedentattoos , but can make accommodations at @underdogstattoogallery if need be
-Any appointment made from this point on will be Monday-Friday. I want to be able to spend some weekends at my daughters extracurricular events and give some time back to my family
-I only work in half days($500) and full days ($1000)
-my deposits come OFF the price of the appointment , but are Non-refundable
And most importantly :
I ONLY BOOK/REBOOK through my website.
My assistant does an amazing job of taking care of everyone and is way more coordinated than myself. She will help you after the consult form on :

If you have any questions for me , feel free to use the website or call the shop or come in and talk to me in person! I love you all and I’m so blessed to do what I love. You guys make it possible , thank you.

As I’ve mentioned on here before, I am colorblind . Or I guess better defined as color deficient . Technically I do see colors, but many are missing. I land at a higher end of Protonopia Color Blindness, meaning the red cones in my eyes are broken .
This is a simulated image from a website , I am sure they can only get so close to what it may look like , but these two images look identical to me , so I’m gonna guess it’s fairly close.
I get asked a lot when people learn this ; “how do you know which color is which ?” Or “how do you know which color to use if you can’t see it?”
So here ya go;

-I identify my colors the way everyone else does ; by memorizing what the name of the color is that someone shows me. Now the problem here being , with less of a color spectrum , some colors land in the same realm. I may say green is red , purple is blue, or light pink is grey.
When it comes to the tattooing , I only use colors that say the name of the color , and/or I am not shy to even ask my fellow artist, or even my client ,what color something is in a reference .

-and as for the second part of the question; the easiest way to answer this is , a lot of the times I don’t know what color to use. I try to apply my minimal understanding of color theory to what should compliment each other , but more than anything I try to capture VALUE more than a correct tone. What I’ve learned is this; you can take wild ass color combinations , and as long as your have the correct value it looks pretty cool.

There are surprising amount of colorblind Artist , so I truly try to not use it as a crutch, but Though I have struggles, I want to push my comfort zone .

I hope that answers some questions but feel feee to ask away! 🥰

I’m experimenting with colors , and by golly do I love it . If ANYONE is down for lady faces in this style or anime. Go to my website to book. I’ll be making do some designs to pickup too, this was so much fun. Thanks for coming from Tennessee Kayla Wiggins, the trust you gave me for this meant so much.
The leagues and trust my clients give me is unfounded , and I’m grateful every day for you all.
So here’s a Medusa I made today 🥺